A Little Background on How We Got Here

Hi, it’s me!


I’ve been writing my blog Hergame since right around Super Bowl XLVI – the second one played between the Giants and Patriots in February of 2012.  It’s a blog about a girl’s love of football, the team I’ve loved for a (4-decade long) lifetime, the New York Football Giants, and all of the amazing life lessons that can be learned by observing what happens on the playing field and off.  I started my blog as a hobby, because I am passionate about the game and my team. People who know me say, “You light up when you talk about football!”  And I’ve gotten a great response from men and women (globally) – so I continue to watch the game, learn new lessons, and I continue to write about it and share with others as often as I can.

And I’m a woman.  Who expects a girl to be able to talk for hours on end about the football?  Who expects a girl to say her favorite radio station is SiriusXMNFL Radio?  You’d be surprised these days, the number of women who love football.  Watch out guys!

But here’s the thing.  As I said, I AM female!  And sometimes I want to write about something else!  Sometimes I want to talk about some of my other passions too – interests about which my friends ask me for advise (like where to go, where to eat, where to stay in Italy), interests that make me excited about empowering others (like clean eating and well being), and interests I love to share with other people who feel the same way (like yoga).

ali-nyg-2014What’s so cool about women is we are multi-dimensional people.  We have strong character.  We like to dig deep into topics.  We have opinions.  We have so much diversity in the types of things we enjoy about life, and we love to share what we know and what we have to say with others.

So I thought I would evolve the Hergame blog a bit, and create a new place called: ‘Man, It’s Hergame 2! (MIHG2)’ – because, man – IT IS HER GAME TOO!  And maybe I’ll invite some of my awesome friends in to share too – because they also have some amazing experiences that are worth sharing!  I mean how great is a great experience if you can’t share it with other people!

I invite you to please feel free to comment, make suggestions, or send me a note if you think you have something fun to add that can be useful, empowering, or just plain interesting to other people!  And don’t worry – you don’t even have to be a girl to join in!

Enjoy it!  XOXO




One thought on “A Little Background on How We Got Here

  1. I love this background – it’s interesting, makes me want to know more about you, and punchy.

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