Dear Will Hill – An Angry Letter

Excuse me while I rant… I woke up this morning, picked up my phone, and immediately saw the news I LAST wanted to hear: Will Hill Fails Another Drug Test!  Giants fans: we’ve been duped AGAIN!  And I guarantee – this is the last time!



Dear Will Hill,

Are you out of your mind son?  THREE TIMES!  THREE!  And ALL the talent and support systems in the world.  I am sorry – but to think that I am even spending time writing ANOTHER blog about this – you son, have gone way too far.  One of the headlines said, ‘The Giants are LIVID (with Will Hill)’ – as well they should be!  I am livid!  This organization has already supported you through 2 drug suspensions. They have gone out on a limb for you, held your hand, waited for you to return, juggled roster spots… Who in the world do you think you are to stand above all else?

You have issues kid.  You need help.  I do hope you get it – and I hope you can turn the page someday, having learned a valuable lesson about responsibility and what it means to be in the public eye; what it means to be an example for young kids who look up to NFL players. I had such high hopes for you when you came into the NFL – when the Giants took a chance when others would not.

You are not an example that an NFL player should be for young kids these days.  I watch you on Instagram partying, and I wonder – how is it even possible this kid gets through the offseason without another issue?  And there we have it.  While we see far too many examples of this, an NFL player should be a leader, a team player, a solid citizen in their community, a responsible human on and off the field.  An NFL player should show humility, should preach the importance of school, and of giving – not walking around pants on the ground, drunk out of his head and now, again – THIS (I don’t care what drug it is at this point).  An NFL player has the great privilege of a platform to make a huge difference in the lives of children who will become our future leaders in the world.  Because an NFL player is aspirational – someone so many young children wish they could be.  No son, young children should not be looking up to you.  You are a great athlete on the field (who has wasted that talent).  But, no son – you are not what it means to be a great NFL player.

For you to be wearing blue will continue to break this team – a team of players and coaches and back office members that have rolled up their sleeves and made a lot of big moves to help put the Giants back into a winning position in 2014.  A team of fans who fly to far away places to see you play, who dedicate countless hours all year long, who are loyal beyond measure to the Big Blue team they love.

Face it.  You do not deserve the privilege of a career in the NFL.  And you no longer deserve to be wearing the respected color blue.  One mistake was plenty.  Two you managed to get away with.  THREE?  You’re out.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link.  You, Will Hill, are this team’s weakest link.  You must go.  Now.  I am done.




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2 thoughts on “Dear Will Hill – An Angry Letter

  1. Ali: I couldn’t agree more with every word and then some. You know the old saying: screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me . This has to apply to Will Hill’s antics. In order for him to change he has to see that he has a problem he has to hit rock bottom . He hasn’t and won’t as long as. The NYG allow him on the roster. Waisted opportunity a and waisted talent!!

    • And meanwhile – he has ‘screwed’ with us – THREE TIMES! Thanks for the comment Faylynn.

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