Since we’re getting so close to Summer – and Summer weather means showing off some skin, I decided it would be fun to introduce something new for June’s Fit Challenge.  Being physically active is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle!  In a world (especially in the US) with an overabundance of factory-made food products, making healthy choices when it comes to our food is another way to truly achieve overall health and fitness – from the inside out!

And Summer is a great time of year to find wonderful, REAL food, made not in a factory, but by nature!

Everyone has different goals, and different personal drivers, as well as different tastes, so this is a BONUS CHALLENGE, and you are completely at choice if you want to take it on!

Here’s the BONUS Challenge: Try Something New!

  • Each week in the month of June, go to your local market or Farmer’s Market and find the Organic Produce section.
  • Each week, I challenge you to find at least ONE NEW FRUIT AND ONE NEW VEGETABLE to prepare and taste at home, to share with your family.
  • Share what you tried with the June Fit Challenge Group on Facebook.
  • Make your choices from fruits and veggies you have never tried, or maybe you tried them a long time ago, but you haven’t had them in so long that you think it may be time to try them again!  (Ex: Recently, Lucrezia discovered she LOVED brussels spouts after years of thinking she hated them!  Little did she know she just added a great anti-inflammatory veggie to her diet that can help with immunity, digestion, a brain function!)
  • Choose colorful fruits and veggies!  Color means nutrient rich!  So when you choose, know that you are choosing to love your body even more!

How many different colors can you choose this month?  I challenge you to give it a try!  See what happens – you may love what you find!

And feel free to ask questions here or in the Facebook group about best ways to prepare or use the fruits and veggies you are picking!

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