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Great Recipes for Healthy Eating

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Also, check out the Nutrition Stripped Gallery HERE!



Photo: Nutrition Stripped, Mckel Hill, MS, RD, LDN

You may also want to check out this fantastic website for recipes (especially the Cauliflower Pizza Crust, above image), called Nutrition Stripped.  Mckel Hill is a heath and wellness coach and registered dietician.  I accidentally found her in my social media ‘travels’, and I happen to think she has the best recipes on the Web for truly clean eating.  There are quite a few websites that say they promote clean eating, but Mckel Hill seems to embody what I believe in.  She also has an excellent shopping list application available on her website!

Check out the Nutrition Stripped Gallery HERE!


2 thoughts on “Clean Eating Recipes

  1. One thing if the recipe calls for an animal carcass it not “clean” makes no sense its pieces of a dead animal! Gross!!

    • Totally appreciate the comment. I have a great appreciation for 100% vegan, and I personally limit myself to very little organic-only chicken and fish – but my goal is to help all sorts of Americans start to choose real foods more wisely, and I just can’t force a vegan approach on everyone realistically. Our American food source is jam-packed with chemicals, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics and more. And our food corporations have powerful marketing voices too! Americans are fat, sick and tired because of this. So to me, moving away from animal dairy, choosing organic-only lean chicken, fish and produce, with whole, non-gluten grains, and understanding how to read labels is a big start for so many people toward cleaning up their bodies inside and out! Too many people in this country just don’t even know how to begin.

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