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Of course part of overall well-being is being physically fit and active – to help us tackle whatever life may bring. Being physically fit may mean different things to different people.  These days, I personally like hiking, walking (my dog Riley), HIIT training with stair runs, yoga, Pilates Pro Works, and a good amount of SoulCycle! Someone else might be into doing every Tough Mudder he can find in the country (yes, I know someone like this).

Most important is that we are active everyday in some fashion, avoiding the pitfalls of a sedentary life.  Incorporating physical activity into our daily lives is a key contributor to avoiding chronic disease in the long run!



Challenge yourself!  Get a group to do it with you!  For the last 3 years, family, friends and new friends have come together on Facebook to complete a number of monthly fitness challenges with support, accountability and a sense of team and accomplishment.  Take a look at some of our success stories, and feel free to jump in and join us on Facebook for the next month at Monthly Fit Challenge!  Here are a few of them:

NEW! July 2017 Strengthen Our Core for Longevity 

May 2017: How High Can I Climb

February 2017: Do it with PASSION – or Don’t Do it!

January 2017 – NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

July 2015 Challenge – Honoring My Dad, A Silent Warrior

March Ab Madness – Lets Get a Six-Pack!

February 2015 Challenge

January 2015!  It’s the COCKY Challenge!  Join the party!

December Fit Challenge (delivered by guest Challenge Creator, Johanna Frisby Bookbinder)

November Fit Challenge: A Heaping Helping of Abs! (with a side of abs, and some abs gravy…)

October Haunted Halloween Challenge

September Monthly Fit Challenge: Back to School – Back to Basics!

August Monthly Fit Challenge: Jack’s Summer VARIETY Act

July Summer Fit Challenge: IT’S A PLANKAPALOOZA!

June Fit Challenge: Summer is HERE Edition! (June 2014 also includes a BONUS Challenge that can be found HERE)

May 2014 Fit Challenge: Abs are the Core, but We Get Some Butt, Some Shoulders, Some Hips and Arms too – just in time for Summer!

April 2014 Abs Challenge: Get the Full Core and a Little Butt Work Too

30-Day Abs Challenge 1: Sit-Ups, Crunches, Leg-Lifts, Planks

30-Day Push Up Challenge

30-Day Abs 2: Reverse Crunches, Bicycle Crunches, Leg Raises

31-Day Butt-Hip-Oblique Challenge: My Butt Thing

Abs 3: Crunches, Obliques, Back and Planks 

planksJoin the Monthly Fit Challenges on Facebook
We have a formal monthly challenge group on Facebook where everyone is held accountable each day to report in after completing their daily challenge set.
Accountability helps to keep everyone motivated, and supportive of one another.  Each month a new calendar is posted to follow. Please feel free to join us on Facebook HERE!


Guest Fitness Writer Rich Fitter: THE ABDOMINAL CHALLENGE: ARE YOU READY?  

Winnie-the-Pooh Exercises



How to do an Oblique Curl

I happen to love this video.  It’s a little vanilla as far as videos, but it demonstrates excellent form for oblique curls, so that you aren’t tweaking your neck, and you are really getting the maximum benefit from the exercise.  I also like to touch the oblique muscle while curling, to help really focus on what’s being worked.

How to do a Burpee





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