February 2017: Do it with PASSION – or Don’t Do it!

It’s February 2017 – and we all know February is associated with passion!  Spend some time contemplating why you started this challenge in the first place.  Why is it important to you?  What if you’re successful?  What then?  What are the possibilities for YOU?

Enter this month with the energy of the moon, the stars, and all of the possibilities that are there for you if you choose against letting that negative voice in your mind control your actions.  It’s mind over matter baby!  Be passionate about success – YOUR SUCCESS!  And lets go kick the February Challenge in its pants!

You have lots of choices this month.  My recommendation is to mix it up.  If you’re comfortable with one exercise, stick to it for a few days, but try something new.  Keep your muscles guessing at what’s next!  Of course, join us on Facebook if you want group support and daily accountability.