May 2017: How High Can I Climb Challenge

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”

~ Sir Edmund Hillary 

How in the world can we get someplace if we don’t know where we are going? With anything in life – we need to focus on a target… a specific and measurable goal or objective – impossible to achieve if we don’t know what we’re aiming for. This month, we’re going to change things up some. I’m putting a target out there – on which each one of us can focus. Now for some of us – this target may sound crazy – but I bet if we keep our focus, and we stay accountable to each other, each one of us can go farther in 31 days than any one of us thought possible! So for the month of May, lets begin with the year: 2017 

For many of us, the first 100 (or so) days of 2017 have been a bit strange, maybe stressful. So lets create some positive energy with our Challenge! Invite friends and family members too – remember the reason we started this group 4 years ago was to just get people moving, no matter where you happen to be, or what your level of fitness. Because sedentary lives aren’t doing anyone any good!

In the month of May, each one of us has 31 days to get to this goal, and you can use those 31 days however you want (you can rest one day and do extras the next, or you can do 30 of an exercise one day and 100 on the next – you choose how to get to the finish line)!  You can even beat the goal! But pace yourself ~ and listen to your body!   You are only competing against the voices in your own head – and we all have them.  Lets just see what happens.  

Each day, complete however many of the following exercises you want, with the goal of reaching (or surpassing) the target set here for each of the 6 exercises:

2017 push-ups of any kind (avg 65 push-ups per day)

2017 Sit-ups OR Crunches

2017 Russian Twists OR Oblique Curls (1008 per side plus 1 for good luck)

2017 seconds of planks (avg 65 seconds per day)

2017 seconds of leg extensions/fire hydrants OR squats (about 1 minute, 8 seconds per day)

10 total days of some cardio activity (2+0+1+7=10; walking fast or anything that gets your heart moving!)

Lets make this as much about beating the voices in your head that say, ‘I CAN’T’, as it is about getting to the target.  And know this – if you’re doing YOUR personal best every time you come to your mat, there’s none who can beat you.  Only you know for sure!

Now, How high can YOU climb?

To join the team with daily accountability, and a team to support your efforts, ask to join us on Facebook HERE, and let us know how you found us!  

Lets do this! ~ Alison