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A good friend of mine asked me to participate with a group in a month of posting photographic images about various things each day.  Today the topic was, ‘Words’.  So in thinking about what words I might photograph, I quickly turned to a favorite book.  And while this was really for sharing in a Facebook group, I felt like it was worth sharing here too:

From A Team to Believe In

From A Team to Believe In


Words. The words in the quote from John Maynard Keynes are a theme that follows all of the results we create in our lives. We create based on our beliefs and our respective actions. But what if those results are not what we want? Do we keep doing the same thing and expect things to change? Do we point the finger at others and say, ‘If they change, therefore so too will my results’?

Or do we deeply look within to find ways we can shift our own approach – even if we are set in our ways and cannot fathom trying something new? Maybe we don’t even know how?

This is a mantra I carry through my life, and one of the reasons I look to New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin with such respect and admiration. Because going into the 2007 season he decided it was HE who had to change himself, before he could expect his team to change. And the won SuperBowl XLVII at the end of that year.

This quote is from one of my favorite books, A Team to Believe In, by Tom Coughlin with Brian Curtis. It tells the story of that amazing transformational year. The lessons can be taken anywhere in life – business, personal relationships, anywhere.

If you’re interested in reading this great book, here’s a link to it on Amazon.




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