Eating Clean Guideline: How Should Your Plate Look?

When practicing clean eating, yes, we are focusing on organic, whole foods – the ones that pretty much came with the planet.  But also remember the significance of the nutrients and internal benefits that come from eating as many green and colorful, fiber-filled veggies everyday!

Ask yourself before preparing each meal: how many vibrant colors do I have on my plate?  Here’s a guideline of what your plate should look like, and the ratios that should make up your day…  oh, and don’t forget to include a little bit of healthy fat with each meal (organic (raw, unsalted) almonds, walnuts, avocado, olive or coconut oil, almond butter…)


2 thoughts on “Eating Clean Guideline: How Should Your Plate Look?

  1. Good info! I’m making a positive lifestyle change that will result in looking great whole living longer.

    • Awesome Manny! I am psyched for you and thank you for commenting! I welcome all of your comments and questions ongoing! 🙂

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