FAQs About Clean Eating: How Will I Benefit?

There are just so many benefits you will begin to see as you start to adjust to a CLEAN lifestyle.  As an example, before I started on this part of my journey I had high blood pressure.  Today, with a totally clean lifestyle, I am very happy to say that my blood pressure is consistent at 106/65 – normal.  I had some fairly significant surgery 2 weeks ago to correct a bad scar on my lower abdominal area.  While the doctor told me it would take a minimum of 6 weeks to really start to see healing – it’s only 2 weeks later and I’m feeling great, swelling is minimum, and I’m back to most normal activities – including ab exercises (heading back to yoga today too).


Other people I know have seen increased performance, weight loss, increased energy, elimination of pharmaceuticals due to improved internal wellness, and more.

What can you expect in 30 days of strictly clean eating?

Well – first, I encourage you to take a baseline before you begin.  Observe your energy during the day.  Observe the glow of your skin, the strength of your hair.  Do your eyes sparkle?  Take your blood pressure.  Go to the local school and walk fast or run for a lap.  How long does it take?  How do you feel afterward?  Could you run the lap at all?  You might want to take a weight measurement or take some body measurements.  While clean eating isn’t just about weight loss, if you are overweight, changing your diet to a much more nutrient-rich one, and eliminated the junk is likely to add this benefit.


SO here are some benefits:


Radiant Skin, glowing eyes, healthy hair


Weight loss

Cardiovascular health and disease prevention

Stress management


Fewer ‘hunger’ pangs

And who wouldn’t want those things?


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