In January 2012, around the time of the NY Giants’ last SuperBowl run, I decided I had to do something meaningful with my thoughts, passion, and observations around the game of football, the NFL, and my life-long favorite team.  The fact is, I learn a lot from the game I love, and from watching very closely what happens on the playing field and off.  I don’t only watch from the perspective of a fan that wants her team to win; but I watch with an eye for the many life and business lessons we can learn from what happens in and around the game of football.  

So I decided to write about it, and I called my blog Hergame.  And ironically, as I continue to see so many strong and intelligent women sharing this interest in sports, the NFL and their favorite teams – and as I humbly receive great feedback on my blog from people in and around the game (players, media analysts, a many-year NFL GM) in a world traditionally run by men – there became the inspiration for naming this site, Man, It’s Hergame 2!  I hope you enjoy my perspective!   ~ Ali



Posted on: June 2, 2014

Rush to Find a NEW Giants Jersey; and Hey, WOMEN LOVE FOOTBALL TOO!

JerseysI thought I should share the interesting journey I had this Saturday – while I was in New York City for one day.  I flew in from California to attend the wedding of an old friend.  On my one free day in the city I miss and love, I had one thing I absolutely HAD ..[read more]



Join in the fun with the MIHG2 monthly football poll. Let me, and others, know what you think, and see how others are thinking. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answers.


Whenever I get to a game I always make sure I take lots of pictures, not just of the game or the players, but of fellow fans, friends who I meet up with, and a few surprises along the way!  Here are just a few.


I have a lot of favorite football commercials.  Some of them just make me stop in my tracks and, well – I just ‘do them verbatim’.  Here’s one of my favorites…  Just ask me to do an impression of Singletary, Elway, Cowher and Namath!  I dare ya!

And of course, here’s my vote for the Best Commercial of SuperBowl XLVIII: Budweiser’s, ‘Puppy Love’:

I could NOT get this out my head at the start of the 2013 season. Eli & Peyton Manning – Direct TV ‘Football on your Phone’ ad


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