Giving Up Is Not An Option: A Story About a Mom and Her Amazing Daughter

As we forge ahead with the monthly fit challenge, or any challenge we happen to encounter in our lives, it’s so easy to allow that evil voice in our head to get the best of us – to say we can’t, to force us to take the easy way out, to make us believe it’s just too hard to go any farther!  So I got together with my friend, Wendy Hill, to share her very inspirational story – the story that changed her outlook on life forever.  And while, at first it would seem this story would have set her life backward, there is an amazingly happy ending… And a hope that when YOU need it, you can think of this story, to help give you just the PUSH you may need to take that next step forward!  ~ Ali

Wendy and her daughter Chelsie - 2009 California State Solo Dance Champion

Wendy and her daughter Chelsie – 2009 California State Solo Dance Champion

Giving Up Is Not An Option: A Story About a Mom and Her Amazing Daughter

By Wendy Hill, with Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

I wanted to share a little bit of my inspiration with all of you, in hopes that it can provide a little perspective. Some already know my story, but I am sharing this because I have no excuse not to if it can help motivate someone else. Because of my story, I have no complaints whatsoever as I embark on new challenges…

At 2:20am on February 21, 2010 my life changed forever when I heard a knock on the door. It was the Pacific Grove, CA Police Department asking me if I was Mrs. Hill, and if I had a teenage daughter – yes, being my answer.. The officer continued on to say there had been a car accident, and my then 17-year old daughter Chelsie was being air-lifted out to the nearest trauma center… Well I fell to the floor, not knowing if she was crying out, bleeding out, or even alive…

That was the longest and worst 45 minutes of my life.

They would not let me go to the airport to see her. I had to wait until they were all stabilized and up in the air. Only then would they find the closest trauma center. So I drove north to Santa Clara – about 2 hours away – still not knowing any of the details, or if my little girl was okay… praying for my baby…

After what turned out to be a 7.5-hour surgery, they let me know that she would be paralyzed from the waist down. 51 days in the hospital and ton of therapy to come… I quit working out… I tried to go back to the gym, but mentally I couldn’t…


Now 4 years later my baby is 22, and has become quite the icon for a lot of people. She has her own dance team with 7 gifted ladies. She has had 2 seasons of a reality show called Push Girls. She has a book out, Push Girl, available on Amazon if you’re interested. She has a foundation called the Walk and Roll Foundation that educates, inspires, and gives to the community. If you’re interested in learning more about her story, you can Google “Chelsie Hill” or search on Facebook for Chelsie’s Journey.


My active, 17-year old dancer; so full of life – just like that, a night out with her friends took her legs – but never her spirit, her drive, her motivation to go beyond her limitations. Perhaps by learning her story, you will see that if you just believe in yourself, you will have nothing in your path that is ever too hard, too bad, or too sad to be accountable for in your life.

Incidentally, the driver of the car Chelsie was in at the time of the accident was given a 7.5 year prison sentence. After 3 years had passed, Chelsie had forgiven him and pleaded for him to be released. The judge granted his release.

So for me – today I have nothing to complain about. Nothing can stop me from going above and beyond, because of this great gift of courage and perseverance my daughter has given to me.

No matter what challenge you have ahead, we hope this helps to spread some of that inspiration to you!


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