Jacks Oblique Crunches/Curls

Start out by lying on your right side with your legs lying on top of each other.  Make sure your knees are bent a little bit.  Place your right hand behind your head – this is primarily to support your neck.  Once you are in this set position, you may place your left hand on your left oblique muscle (now facing the ceiling) to feel the muscle contract as you crunch upward; or you may reach your left hand toward your toes as you crunch upward.  The main emphasis is on your obliques (a WAIST WHITTLER!).  Crunch as high as you can, hold the contraction for a second at the peak, and then slowly come back down into the starting position.  Remember to breathe in during the lowering part of the exercise and to breathe out during the elevation part of the exercise.

Note: please help avoid neck pain by keeping the bent elbow extended out from your ear, and not up next to your head.


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