Jacks Planks

Some people like to do what I call yoga planks.  These planks are ones where your hands are on the ground, chest reaching forward and feet behind you, always contracting the abdominal wall toward your back.  In the 30-Day Challenge, we will do planks on the forearms, again, keeping your neck elongated, elbows below the shoulders, and contracting the core upward toward the back to and strength and to protect yourself.  During the 30-Day Challenge, it’s fun to test your mental will and see how many ways you can come up with to just keep going when you really want to drop to the floor!  In our Facebook group, we do a lot of music sharing at those planks get longer, and some people even talk themselves into another round of singing the ABCs to pass the time!  One thing you will find – stick with it and you will get VERY strong.  You will do things you never thought possible at the end of the month!

Also check out this blog post for more tips on how to conquer the LONG plank hold!



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