Jacks Push-ups

There are many variations on the classic push-up, but the key is to be safe, and to focus on proper form before worrying about variations.  If you are a beginner, it is perfectly okay to start on your knees, but after a while, see if you can do any without using your knees.

Pick the type of pushup that works best for you. Start in the basic plank position with hands on the floor and feet stretched out.  There are three types of basic push up variations that use different muscle groups. The difference is where you place your hands. The closer your hands are together, the more you will engage your triceps. The wider apart they are, the more you will engage your chest.

  • Regular: your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders. This works both your arms and your chest.
  • Diamond: put your hands close together in a diamond shape, keep them directly under your chest. This will require you to engage your arms much more than a standard push up.
  • Wide-arm: place your hands a good way’s out from your shoulders. This version mostly works the chest and requires less strength in the arms.

As you get practiced, you may want to try different forms of push-ups.  But seriously, if you are a beginner, feel absolutely free to start on your knees!  DO NOT CAVE IN YOUR BACK!  Always make sure you are protecting your back.  If you keep at it – you will work up to things you never thought possible!

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