Jack’s Side Plank with Push-ups

This one is great for the obliques, and overall balance.  And if you add a pushup at the mid-point, you’ll be strong as an ox coming out of October!  Start on a straight arm plank position (as in yoga).  Now move your left hand to the center in line with your shoulders, and slowly lift your right hand off the ground, turning your body to face the right side of the room, and into a side plank (or Vashistasana) position.  Hold for a moment in the side plank (while holding, contract your abdominal muscles, and push your left hand evenly into the ground for traction, pushing your right hip upward.


Now return slowly, with control, to the center.  If you’re up for it – now do a pushup before returning to your straight arm plank.  And now slowly move your right hand to the center, lifting your left hand up toward the sky, and turning your body to face the left wall.  Hold for a moment before returning to the center plank.



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