James Perse Ribbed Tank

Rarely do I divert when I have already selected a favorite, but alas – I have diverted. I lived and breathed by another brand of ribbed tank prior to this week. I swore by the other brand – and I have it in every color, and 12-over in black and white. But this week I decided to try the James Perse Ribbed Daily Tank. And upon try #1, I am hooked. I love James Perse for the soft fabrics and colors, but what is wonderful about this tank, is it fits like a glove! And while my other brand fit really nicely, this onehas the perfect weght material to layer under everything, to wear to bed, and it does one thing I have found no other cotton tank to do: it keeps its shape! So even if I wear this all day, and then decide to wear it to bed, it hasn’t somehow managed to stretch itself into a looser-fitting shape. It conforms to my body and feels fabulous! I bought one just to ty it. I knew right away. I just bought 3 more. And I know this is only the beginning of my relationship with this fabulous tank top!

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~ Ali

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