It’s the January 2015 COCKY Fit Challenge!

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It’s the start of a new year, and for many of us, that means setting new goals for fitness, wellness – and overall good health.  Too often we enter with good intentions, but fall back into our comfort zones.  This month, I challenge us all to step outside of our comfort zones in effort to find a place we really want to be!  It’s in every one of us to successfully find that place – to reach our goals – to see ourselves fit into a smaller size, to run a marathon, to do 5 pull-ups, to lower our blood pressure, or whatever our goal may be.  But in order to reach that goal, we do need to wonder away from our comfort zone.  We need to step outside the box and explore some new places – places that may not always feel comfortable in the beginning!

For one Challenger in 2014 – she never imagined herself getting off her knees for pushups when she started over the Summer, but with a few months of focus and dedication, on December 28th she reported having accomplished 100 pushups with knees off the ground!  

Dream big, focus – and you will build new habits, and reach new heights too!

For January, we decided to kick off the new year with OPPORTUNITY!  Lets be a bit COCKY about it – no, not THAT COCKY!  January is a Challenge Of Choices to Kickoff the Year!

We’ve got a lot of VARIETY – to keep the Challenge interesting!  And with variety – the opportunity to stretch beyond your comfort zone to new exercises that we haven’t yet tried!

LOTS OF ABS this month, but we did make sure not to neglect our butt, arms, & shoulders!  And in honor of my personal favorite High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that are great for optimal fat burning, we’ve added in a few quick bursts to supplement our strength work.

Challengers – always check in on the Facebook Group Page when you are done for the day – STAY ACCOUNTABLE, and HELP SUPPORT AND KEEP OTHER GROUPS MEMBERS ACCOUNTABLE TOO! And ALWAYS remember – while it appears to be physical, most of any challenge (in life) is a mental exercise! 

So step out of that box for a few minutes everyday – and pretty soon you may find yourself achieving your personal goals, and in an awesome new place!

Take a look at some of the SUCCESS STORIES from some of the awesome people who have participated in The Monthly Fit Challenge!

A GREAT SUPPORT TEAM:  If you want to join us and haven’t yet, please ask to join the Facebook Challenge Group HERE.  This is where you will get the MOST out of your experience!  The Facebook group is a GREAT way to get fantastic support from people as you complete your daily exercise set.  The group holds each person accountable, and includes people from all over the world, every age group, background and fitness level! And remember, it’s not a competition with anyone except for your own self!

Below is the January Calendar.  Also, let our friend Jumping Jack show you HOW TO DO some of the January exercises!  Here are some video examples:

The Janaury COCKY Challenge

Group 1: Push-Ups

Regular Push-Ups

Wide Arm Push-Ups

Push-Up with Side Plank 

Military Push-Ups

Group 2: Planks

Plank – straight arm or elbow

Side Planks  

Group 3: Abs


Reverse Crunches

Leg Lifts

Cross-over (or Twisting) Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

Roman/Mason Twists

Scissor Kicks

Group 4: Legs/Butt

2/10/4/8 o’clock lunges

Narrow Stance Squats

Fire Hydrants & Leg Extension Combo

Group 5: Bursts

Jumping Jacks  

Butt Kickers

Speed Skaters

Run in Place with High Knees


MonthlyFitChallenge - Jan 2015FINAL

One thought on “It’s the January 2015 COCKY Fit Challenge!

  1. I completed day 1. Regular push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, Roman/Mason twists, elbow plank (did it from my knees to start), fire hydrants/leg extensions and high knee lifts (low impact style). Are 2/10/4/8 lunges where you basically lunge in an “x” pattern, stepping back to the center before you make the next move?

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