January 2017 Challenge! New Year, New You!

Welcome to 2017 and a brand new Monthly Fit Challenge month!  Typically at the beginning of each year we aim to set new goals (resolutions), and oftentimes we look for new ways to improve our health and wellness.  The reason we started this challenge 3 years ago was not to create perfect bodies.  It was to help people of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles and living conditions to see that A) everyone has 15 minutes a day to dedicate to their own well being (no excuses), B) consistency can be habit-forming (for better of worse), and C) we all too often let our mind tell us that we CAN’T do things that we, in fact, CAN!

So lets get 2017 off to a solid start and see what we can accomplish together this month.  Take it one day at a time – and when you want to quit, ALWAYS push for at least ONE beyond what your mind tells you is possible – THAT is the magic key to success here, or anywhere in life.

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