Juice Cleansing Overview and Tips

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So many of you know that as proponent of eating primarily the real foods that nature gave us, I am also a huge supporter of juicing.  There are so many different types of toxins that have become a relatively commonplace part of today’s world – whether from food (preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc..), from our environment (cleaning products, air pollutants, tap water, etc…), or even prescribed or over-the-counter medications we may be taking for one reason or another.   These toxins affect our mood, our digestion, our circulation, our energy, they affect our ability to fight infection and disease – and sometimes in the worst of cases, they accelerate these symptoms and issues.  Often at times we don’t even realize the toxins being absorbed into our bodies.

And for this reason, every so often it’s always a great idea to flush out our systems for a few days with a blast of nutrients and vitamins – to give our bodies a rest, and a bit of a system reboot!

So every couple of months, I do a 3 or 5-day juice cleanse, and not only does it give me more energy and a mental recharge, but I know that it’s a blast of good stuff doing its job to flush harmful toxins out of my system.

I’ve tried a number of juice cleanses over the last several years, and I do have a favorite – and I’ll talk about that, and others, in a separate post.  But first, let me provide a few tips you should consider before starting a juice cleanse:

Pre Cleanse Tips:

  1. If you are a coffee drinker, unless you want to suffer the consequence of a MEGA-HEADACHE at some point during the first day or 2, DO wean yourself off coffee in the 3-5 days prior.  Drink herbal tea.  If you’re thinking about decaf, you might want to read THIS first.
  2. Depending on how you eat on a regular basis, you should really consider what types of food choices you make in the 3 days prior to starting your cleanse.  Choosing real foods that haven’t been altered in some way with chemicals, preservatives, hormones, or pesticides is important to begin to adjust your body.  Eat, but choose wisely!  Eliminate foods with gluten, such as breads and pasta. Choose organic fruits and veggies.  Eliminate junk food.  Eliminate dairy (choose Almond Milk or Coconut Milk instead).  Eliminate red meat (organic chicken and wild salmon are okay, but begin to moderate animal products).
  3. Drink at least 64 oz of filtered water throughout each of the day. 
  4. Adjust your thinking.  Really give yourself some time and space to consider WHY you are doing a cleanse.  If it’s just for a quick desire to lose a few pounds, then I sincerely hope you have a red carpet event to attend immediately following your cleanse.  Because you will lose a few pounds, but those will come back if you don’t adjust your diet.   If it’s to kick off a clean eating initiative, a juice cleanse can be a great way to adjust!  If it’s to give your body a reboot in effort to make sure all systems are functioning properly, that’s great too!  Consider why this is important to you, and the cleanse will become that much easier!

Post Cleanse:

After you have dedicated 3 or 5 days of your life to cleansing and doing something great for your body, the last thing you’ll want to do is shock your system with a whole bunch of crummy food!  Do take good consideration into what you choose to eat after the cleanse.  Generally, the rule of thumb is to add solid foods back gradually, focusing on fruits and veggies on the first day after your cleanse.  On the second day, add in some raw nuts, legumes and whole grains like quinoa.  And on the 3rd day, add in some organic chicken or salmon.  Continue to drink a lot of filtered water!  Consider how the commitment you made to the cleanse plays out in your everyday choices moving forward.  Will you be more aware of your food choices?  Will you choose more whole, untarnished food; or will you go back to eating a lot of processed food?  Just an important thing to consider.

A few Tip for During the Cleanse:

  1. First thing in the morning, drink a cup of warm water with fresh lemon.  This wakes up your system and prepares it for receiving all of the great nutrients you’re about to give to it!
  2. Add a little liquid chlorophyll to your water bottle to help purify the blood and cells that make your body tick!  (it doesn’t taste like lawnmower juice – it really just tastes like water)
  3. In the evening, you might consider a light herbal laxative, such as Smoothe Move tea, just to help with the detoxification process.

Now there are a number of things to consider when choosing a cleanse!  There are so many out there these days!  A few considerations – and this will vary per person as far as importance:

  1. Budget
  2. Process used to bottle the fresh juice
  3. Organic or non-organic guarantees
  4. Access and convenience
  5. Taste
  6. Allergies

Moving forward, I’ll continue to share as much information as I can on the various juice cleanses available, what I like about them, what I may not like, and hopefully the information can help you when making your decisions!  Check out juice cleanse options HERE!


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