June Summer Fit Challenge

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For the June Challenge we are focusing on multiple muscles groups to help get every BODY (and mind) in the best form possible for the SUMMER!

It’s a challenging little workout – all rolled into 6 exercises, and designed to be done wherever you want, with NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED, and in an average of 15 minutes.

As the month progresses, notice the voice in your head, and what it’s telling you.  We can learn powerful lessons just by acknowledging the role that voice in our head is playing!  Notice what happens when the voice is telling you to quit.  What choices do you make?  Are there ways you can find the strength of spirit to move forward more than you thought possible?  How does this play out in other areas of our lives?

These challenges are designed to test us physically, but also mentally.  If you stick with it, you will find rewards you never imagined possible at the end!

Notice that the last 2 exercises are TIMED.  This is done to help you easily incorporate your personal music to help you get through.  We love when you share your musical selections in the Facebook group, because it often sparks something in another team member!  How does music help you get through the challenge?  Take a look at some of the SUCCESS STORIES from other great people who have participated in The Monthly Fit Challenge!

In June we will be have a strong abdominal set, but we will also incorporate these muscle groups:

abdominus rectus (abdominal wall)



glutes (your butt)



PLEASE NOTE:  Take a careful look at the notes section of the calendar (below), for quick tips.  Also note that when an exercise says ‘ea’ in front of it, it means to say we are doing that exercise on EACH SIDE.

Below is the June Calendar, and How To Overview.  Also, let our friend Jumping Jack show you HOW TO DO the June exercises!

A GREAT SUPPORT TEAM:  If you want to join and haven’t yet, please ask to join the Facebook Challenge Group HERE. The Facebook group is a GREAT way to get fantastic support from people as you complete your daily exercise set.  The group holds each person accountable, and includes people from all over the world, every age group, background and fitness level! And remember, it’s not a competition with anyone except for your own self!

In June we have BONUS CHALLENGE to help us think about what it truly means to be fit – from the inside out!  CHECK IT OUT HERE.

READ THIS for an brief overview of how exercises are selected, as well as The Challenge Objectives.

Feel free to download the calendar to your phone for easy access, or use the June Summer Challenge Calendar Wallpaper.  Also, let Jumping Jack show you how to do some of the June exercises!



If you want to join and haven’t yet, please ask to join the Facebook Challenge Group HERE

The June Challenge is dedicated to the lessons learned by the example set by our friend, Chelsie Hill, and Chelsie’s Journey: Giving Up is NOT An Option!




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