Positano Restaurant: Le Tre Sorelle Best Beachfront, Best Staff

May, 2012 Le Tre Sorelle is one of my 2 favorite restaurants in Positano, Italy – which happens to be my favorite place to visit in the world. What I love about Le Tre Sorelle is the location, the staff – and again, the location and the staff. The food experience is great too.


In Positano, depending on how many nights you stay, you might want to do a night or 2 of ‘fine dining’, and for that, Ristorante Max is the place. But many nights, or even for lunch, you’ll want a more beachfront place with a friendly staff, a great, diverse menu, with people watching in a relaxed setting (at least I do). This is what’s great about Le Tre Sorelle. Luigi Pisacane is the manager, and he and his staff take great care of guests. Many of the staff have been there for quite a few years and remember faces. They are super friendly, and often do not hesitate to make the extra effort to bring out something special at the end of a meal (local limoncello or digestive of some interesting sort).

Whether you are in the mood for pizza, pasta, fish, a great caprese (my husband’s favorite), Le Tre Sorelle does a great job with all of the above.

Over the years, my husband and I have become biased about Le Tre Sorelle because of the great combination of friendly service, location and food; and we refuse to eat in the other beachfront locations at this point. It’s like Le Tre Sorelle has become family! I have sent many friends and family members as well – and all have come back very happy!


Quick update:  One thing to note is Luigi has been kind enough over the years – especially last Summer when I was not able to visit – to welcome many of my friends with open arms to the restaurant.  We will be heading back in May of this year (2014), and I look forward to sharing more images and wonderful memories from Le Tre Sorelle.


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