Less Les 10: A Clean Kitchen in a Truck

In this fast-paced, eating-out culture we live in today, one of the important lessons we learn about practicing truly healthy lifestyles, is that of the benefits we see by cooking at home.  Lets face it – how can we really be eating healthfully if we don’t have control over the food and the ingredients we are eating and serving to our families?  

As an example, in a culture where many of us think we want to reduce our sodium intake, most restaurants frequented by Americans add insane amounts of salt to their dishes in effort to create the idea of flavor.  In a recent article posted by CNN, The Center for Science in the Public Interest “says many meals at popular chains such as Red Lobster, Chili’s and Olive Garden contain up to 5,000 milligrams of sodium — more than double what a healthy adult should be eating (in an entire) day.”  Between sugar, salt, saturated fats and chemical additives, it’s worrisome to wonder what so many millions of Americans are really putting into their bodies everyday when they go out to eat!

So of course – the same goes for many of the chemical-filled, so-called ‘foods’ found at our nation’s truck stops.

As a result, Les and I have really been working on ways he can plan ahead, and stock his truck shelves and refrigerator with fresh (often organic) fruits and vegetables, truly whole grains (like quinoa and brown rice), quality ingredients (like olive oil, balsamic, sea salt, pepper and stevia – in place of artificial sweetener or sugar), beans, eggs when he can find them, Almond Milk (in place of dairy milk), and more.  

Les has now created a virtual Kitchen in a Truck!  Take a look!


Trucker’s Clean Kitchen: a refrigerator, shelving, slow cooker, hot pot, blender and tools help Les store and safely prepare his own meals on the road!

And the great news?  Les is truly enjoying cooking!   I’m starting to call this guy Chef Les!  Here are a few of the meals he has prepared this week…


Les is sautéing sweet peas, brussels sprouts, colorful peppers and green beans in olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  A nutrient-dense, easy to prepare, warming meal – in the truck!  (You should have heard this man eating his dinner and laughing about his old-time favorite show The Beverly Hillbillies the other day – cracked me up no doubt)…  Of course, he can also use his slow cooker to prepare quality whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, or add some beans if he wants something more.  

On another day he prepared a great big salad of organic greens, tomatoes, peppers, snap peas, cranberries, hard boiled eggs, unsalted roasted almonds, and avocado (a little guacamole thing he found along the way).  Dressing was olive oil, quality balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper.  Nutrient rich greens, protein, and heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory, GOOD FATS.

And of course, in honor of the NFL season start and a GREAT Vikings win to kick things off, he supplements his meals with his great Amazing Grass Vikings Shakes in a Truck – like this one in honor of Rookie Linebacker, Anthony Barr



It’s so much fun to see the transformation of Les – not only physically, but also how he’s thinking about what he chooses to feed his body, and about the creative ways he can make quality choices on the road. Between his new approach to eating, and his new active lifestyle (walking everyday, and finding ways to get to his new nationally-based gym), as well as drinking water throughout each day… Les is not only down over 32 pounds toward his goal, and he just seems psyched about life!  Just look at the glow in his face!  And this week, after being on the road hauling wind turbines for 2 months, he finally gets to go HOME to his wife – and a Vikings game!  (And hey, if my NY Giants find a way to a W against the Detroit Lions tomorrow night on the Monday Night Football opener, his Vikings will be #1 after Week 1 in the NFC North too!)


56 more pounds to go.  4 1/2 months until the Senior Bowl!!!

Go Chef Les!


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