Less Les 9: An AMAZING Update from the Road

So I know you’re all wondering, “Hey Ali, how’s Les doing???”

Well, I have to say that Les is doing AMAZINGLY well – and of course, he’s supplementing the real food he’s making with 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Protein Shakes, Green Superfood drinks and bars along his journey!  Check this guy out!  Just this week he had to punch THREE NEW HOLES IN HIS BELT!  This guy is on fire!

LesinKansasWhat I am loving the most, is that every time I speak with Les these days, he is feeling better and better in so many ways.  You see, as a health coach in this country, and someone who has also struggled with my own ups and downs with diet when I was younger, I believe it is so important that we find ways to help people distinguish between what is TRULY healthy for longevity, and what is merely crash dieting for weight loss.  In Les’s case, he started with an objective of losing 80 pounds before the Senior Bowl in January, but this has become so much more!

Les has learned that health is about making quality choices when it comes to the foods we put into our body, by eliminating chemicals, preservatives and other artificial ingredients from his diet.  He is choosing organic as often as he can.  And he is incorporating greens and colorful vegetables into his diet everyday.  I have begun to call Les, ‘Chef Les’ – since as a result of thinking about (and caring about) what he puts into his body, he now has a blender, a slow cooker and a hot pot in the truck!  He has his own, personal kitchen, where he prepares plant-based proteins like beans, together with greens.  He’s learned to eat real whole grains – the ones without an ingredient list: quinoa, brown rice, plain oatmeal.  He keeps stevia in the truck to add a little sweetness when he needs it – without the sugar or chemicals.  


He drinks A LOT of water all day, everyday – to help flush toxins of the road out!

Les has learned that being truly healthy is about staying active everyday.  He is walking everyday and logging his mileage.  In fact, today Les even bought a new pair of sneakers… and what else did he do?  He joined a national gym chain that he can go to anywhere in the country for under $20.00 per month!  He says he’s prepping for the Winter months!  We SOOOO wanted to share the video he took on his first day at the gym, but we just couldn’t get it off his phone!  But allow me to quote the happy guy on the treadmill: “Less Les, More ME!”  And what he means by that is, as he told me on the phone the other day – he is just excited about life right now as a result of this journey!  A few months ago, he just didn’t feel that way.  And can’t you just see it in his eyes?  He has so much more energy! LifeFitness

Les has learned that sharing is caring.  Along the way, he’s sharing his story with others.  His goal is to help other drivers (and other people) also see that they don’t have to settle for low quality (Truck Stop) food.  Yes – he has created new habits, and while sometimes it takes some good thinking to figure out how he’s going to find quality food on the road – he is doing it!  And another thing.  The other day he commented that when he is finished with his weight loss, he wants to go visit the Amazing Grass team in Southern California so that he can learn everything he can about the Superfoods, probiotics and other nutrition in their products, so that he can help to educate others more effectively!

Incidentally, I should add that a little over a week ago, I received a call from an old friend of mine – a very successful sales professional in the world of technology.  He works so many hours and, other than golf, had really gotten out of the habit of fitness.  He mentioned to me that he too has been inspired by Les’s journey!  He is now walking everyday with a goal to reach 10,000 steps minimum, and he is drinking water and starting to think about his food differently.  He wants to make sure he is around for a long time to live life with his amazing family.  It just makes me so happy when I hear great reports like this one!

Stay tuned!  There are so many AMAZING things happening during this journey!  And as we get closer and closer to the start of the football season, in the next few days, we’ll also share some of Les’s favorite Amazing Grass shakes – aptly named after his favorite Minnesota Vikings players!  

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