Less Les 7: Making Progress! Two Weeks Post Doctor


Well Les is out on the road again – and by the way, he won’t see home until September (this is the life of a trucker – and for this, I also say Susan is a saint).  He’s been to the market, stocked up his truck, and has even visited a Farmer’s Market out on the road!  Everyday he is sharing images of green salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, walnuts, almonds, avocado, Amazing Grass meal replacements. He’s purchased himself a slow cooker for the truck, and he is preparing some beans (protein) and vegetables for something warm. He’s drinking his water. He’s enjoying his new foods – in fact, he keeps reminding me that when he started, he was preparing himself to just deal with food that wasn’t tasty. But as it turns out, he is enjoying everything. (Maybe there really is something to that REAL food nature provides instead of the man-made, manufactured stuff, ay?)

He’s also getting out there and walking everyday. We’ve talked about this quite a few times. It’s not so much that he has to do specific types of exercise at this point. It is most important that he get out there everyday and MOVE! And he is finding creative ways to do just that! He’s downloaded an app called MapMyWalk to his phone, and every morning he is getting up and walking 2-3 miles wherever he happens to be. He’s even finding opportunities to add walking in the afternoon. What’s happening here is he is shifting his focus toward a healthy lifestyle, and creating new habits. It only takes 21 days of practice to create a new habit – and Les is starting to get there.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.  ~Aristotle

When we started, I mentioned to him, ‘if there’s no place to go, then do laps around the truck!’ – it’s a big truck!  Just make it a point to MOVE – everyday!
A couple days ago, he weighed himself while on the road… and he was more than THRILLED to report that ONLY 2 weeks after his doctor’s appointment, in which he weighed 303 lbs, he was now looking at 287.3 on the scale!!! That’s roughly 16 pounds in 2 weeks! Now lets remember, Les is a big guy, and so this is not a weight loss that everyone would achieve in such a short timeframe, but in 2 dedicated and thoughtful weeks, Les is making amazing progress!
While out for his morning walk just the other day, he met a lady driver who was also walking along the way, and he shared (here verbatim) his thoughts about a wonderful and inspiring conversation they had:
Oh yes.  Les is making progress. Not only in pounds, but in a whole new way of thinking – and being truly healthy really encompasses so many more things than merely a number on the scale. Yes.  We HAVE TO DEMAND TRULY HEALTHY OPTIONS – at truck stops, and all over this country!  What an incredible journey to be a part of…

2 thoughts on “Less Les 7: Making Progress! Two Weeks Post Doctor

  1. Hey there!
    I’m Naomi or Nai as Les calls me, anyway I am currently on the road with Les as his Pilot car driver and I just wanted to share with you how super proud I am of Les and what he’s doing to change his life! I also am on the path to a healthier life and being around Les totally inspires me to be better and make better choices for myself. Les is such a great guy and I really enjoy working with him! So I say GO LES!! Oh and thanks for posing one of the many pictures I take!! That’s one of my favorite so far!

    • What lovely message Nai! You go girl – if he can do it – you can do it! If ou ever have any questions based you YOUR needs, please feel free to ask here on the LessLes part of the website! EVERYONE in this country deserves to be healthy from the INSIDE OUT! Thank you for the note! Ali

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