Less Les 8: Chlorophyl WHAT?

I forgot to share that when I met Les in Hayward over a month ago, I included one other item in his care package. Now, this particular item was going out on a limb, because it would be quite obscure for a trucker from Minnesota. In fact, I am positive that many of you who are reading this are going to think I am just plain nuts, because this would almost be like giving him a bottle of grandma’s Cod Liver Oil remedy to take on a daily basis (which incidentally, Les doesn’t know this yet, but we might get into fish oil at some point, because there really is something to that).

This special item happens to be something I use daily in my own water bottle: liquid chlorophylWHAT???  (the look on his face was exactly the same as the look on YOUR face!) I explained to Les that it happens to be an incredibly powerful blood and cellular detoxifierand all he needed to try was a couple tablespoons in his big water bottle each day.
So the other day on the phone, I remembered that I had brought this to him – and in my mind, I knew it was probably still sitting there, unopened. So I asked him about it.  Of course – he was cautious, as if to say, “Ali, you’re helping me change a lot – but, seriously???” Hey, I don’t happen to like the taste of lawnmower juice either!  So again, I explained to him that, in fact, there would be very little taste other than the flavor of water. The liquid chlorophyl I brought him even had some mint extract, so his water would taste more minty than anything. I added this little detail – and yes, we do need to talk about these things from time to time when we discuss optimal health – that chlorophyl was not only a very powerful cellular and blood detoxifier, but it was also a known body deoderizer! Yes all you truckers out there (and everyone else who won’t admit it out loud), chlorophyl helps with bad breathe and OTHER bad bodily odors.
And I left it at that.
Yesterday, much to my excitement, Les posted this:
And then I asked him how it tasted.  He said, “Not bad at all!”
By the way, this is Les’s trusty sidekick on the road, Buzzman

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