Let Music Bring Your Workouts to Life!

While driving home yesterday from the 4th of July weekend and flipping through Sirius stations (I mean after all, it is the 3 most boring weeks of the year on NFL Radio), I landed on and stopped at Prime Country, as I was reminded of an experiment I did about 20 years ago when I was living in Los Angeles.

Having grown up in the Northeast (Springsteen and BonJovi country), and schooled in Southern Florida (freestyle dance and Caribbean sounds), I really had zero experience with country music, and it happened to be a time when country was in its ‘popular’ prime – Garth Brooks was all the rage, Tim McGraw was making a name for himself, and Reeba, The Judds, Shania and Tricia were power females in country music.

But I didn’t know anything of it – so I decided to listen to a country station for 2 weeks and nothing else – just to see if I liked it.  People had previously joked about country music being about dogs and trucks dying, but frankly – the second I found out that Bubba Shot the Jukebox last night, I was hooked!  This stuff was FUN, and it made me smile and laugh!  Come on!  How could it not when they were singing about love in the color of a lawn mower (eg: John Deere Green)?

So it turned out that the experiment lasted more than 2 weeks, and for about a year I listened to that station pretty much 100% of the time, and became a new fan of country music.

So when, after many years, I heard Alabama, Take Me Down in the car yesterday – it took me back.  I had an emotional connection to this music.  It was from a pretty carefree time in my life, and that music made me smile and just have… well, a ‘good ol’ time’.

So after I got home, I was tired and I really wanted to rest after a long, 3-hour drive.  But instead, I shoved myself out the door and went up to the reservoir, and proceeded to have a killer workout to the sounds of Prime Country!  I didn’t think about the workout or how tired I was  – I was able to just enjoy the great weather, the beauty of nature, and the music.  What a fun 7-miles (if it wasn’t getting late, I would have done more)!

And the thing is – on another day it could have been some other type of music that has touched me at some point of my life or another (on different days, I feel a connection with different sounds – as I am sure you do).  But the point is – if you can find some type of emotional connection to the music you choose on a given day, you’re bound to be able to zone out and have a killer workout experience no matter what type of workout it is (a long plank hold, a long run, a spin, 300 sit-ups, whatever it might be for you) – instead of focusing on how hard or what a chore the workout is!

Feel free to check out a sample of my playlist from yesterday HERE!


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