May 2014 Fit Challenge

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For this month’s challenge we are bringing back a favorite from the March Challenge: planks.  I know – everyone says they hate them, but I think it’s a love-hate relationship really.

For those of you who are new, and for those who need a reminder, planks are interesting.  There are many things to be gained from long plank holds.  Yes, they are great for your core strength, but they are also quite amazing for mental strength!

When you’re doing the planks as the month progresses, notice the voice in your head, and what it’s telling you.  Notice what happens when the evil voices are telling you to quit.  What do you do?  Are there ways you can find the strength of spirit to move forward more than you thought?

How does music help you get through the plank, or any other part of this challenge?  How does breathing, closing your eyes, watching your stopwatch play into helping you make it to the finish line?  Take a look at some of the SUCCESS STORIES from the March ‘Plankers’ – most of whom had no clue they would ever be able to hold a 6-minute plank when they started the month!

At the request of group members, in May we will be strong in core, but also bringing a few other muscle groups into the mix:

abdominus rectus



glutes (your butt) and hips (very important to focus on hips as we get older)

In the notes section of the calendar (below), notice that we have offered an alternative to hip extensions, for those who want to do squats.  READ THIS for an brief overview of how exercises are selected, as well as The Challenge Objectives.

Below is the May Calendar, and How To Overview.  Also, let JumpingJack show you how to do some of the May exercises!

If you want to join and haven’t yet, please ask to join the Facebook Challenge Group HERE




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