My Doggy Bites: Healthy Treats for Dogs that Smell Like Freshly-Baked Cookies


What could be more random than a review about the cookies my dog eats?  And when I went to order more treats for my ravenous labrador Riley, I thought – she loves these so much, I should share that with everyone else!


We discovered My Doggy Bites a couple of years ago at a local pet boutique in Carmel, California: Diggity Dog.  The store carries fabulous toys and treats and pet supplies, and often things you don’t find in your local PetSmart.

I bought My Doggy Bites because the flavors seemed interesting, and the ingredients were pretty healthy.  Frankly, a human could eat these and probably enjoy them!  By the way, they smell so good that it is almost tempting to take a bite – some of the flavors smell like a freshly-baked cinnamon cookie!

I also like that they’re soft instead of too hard and crunchy, so they are better on Riley’s teeth.  They’re also not too big and not too small – just right for a treat that makes her feel like she got something, but not too much to make her a fat dog.

My Doggy Bites come in a number of flavors.  Riley seems to love the Peanut Butter (because she eats peanut butter anything), the Carrot Ginger (made with carrots, molasses, eggs, oatmeal, cinnamon and ginger to help with digestion; and last but not least, the Cran-Apple – made with dried cranberries, dried apples, honey and has no wheat or corn ingredients.  For that reason, the Cran-Apple is also MY favorite for Riley.

I now buy the Bites in bulk directly from the website – usually in 5-lb bags.  It saves money, and they last a long time.  And with a food-conscious Labrador, small bags of treats can go quickly, so I don’t have to worry about buying treats for a while when I make an order.

I highly recommend giving My Doggy Bites a try if, like me, you LOVE treating your doggy!

You can order My Doggy Bites HERE.


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