NEVER Too Old to Really Live Life

All too often I hear the familiar phrase, ‘yea, but I’m too old to do that’, and I certainly hope that I never get to where I find myself uttering those words.  I saw this man yesterday while I was working out at the reservoir near where I live.  Everyday he runs at least 8 miles, wears his do-rag bandana, and he always has a great smile on his face.  The reality is, our number in years, is only as old as our attitude can take us.  It’s not to say run 8 miles a day – but do what you want!  If you want to run – RUN!  If you want to dance – DANCE!  If you want to go back to school for something new – DO IT!  It’s your life – and it’s never too late to take the plunge and do what makes you happiest!  All you need is a great attitude and the courage to take the first step!

never too oldSQ

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