Not Count Chocula’s Protein Bar Recipe

There are so many sugary protein bars on the market today – it’s almost as if Count Chocula Protein Bars are next (marshmallows and all)!  Like the cereal aisle, most of them are packed with sugar, chemicals and preservatives.  Here is a recipe for a clean (and absolutely yummy!) protein bar you can feel great about!





2 cups organic Almond Butter (you can get this at Whole Foods or your local health food store)

1 cup agave nectar (a little less for less sweet)

4-5 scoops Chocolate or Vanilla (per taste) Vegan Protein Powder (I like Arbonne protein powder because of the taste and the ingredients – read about it HERE)

3 cups organic rolled oats

Optional: feel free to add in a handful of flax seeds, chia seeds, raw nuts (almonds or walnuts chopped), organic raisins or craisins, organic coconut, goji berries…)

Mix almond butter and agave in a pot on low heat until mixed.

Add protein powder and mix.

Add oatmeal and mix well.  (elbow grease!)

Add in any optional ingredients.

Spread in 9×13” pan.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour.

Makes 24 square servings.

Great pre-workout!  In the below photo, I added goji berries, raw coconut, flax seeds and almonds.  Next time I’ll probably skip the almonds.  A little overkill.

~ Ali


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