October Haunted Halloween Challenge

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It’s Halloween month, so what better time than to have a little trick or treat fun with the Challenge!  

We’re sticking with lots of VARIETY – each day will be a bit different than the last – since we found that challengers do like that.  It keeps the Challenge interesting!

This month we have a Trick or Treat CONTEST too!  To WIN: Anyone who posts a photo LuLu's planking in a Halloween costume to the Monthly Fit Challenge Facebook group before October 31st, will be entered into a draw to WIN their own Koreball, and a selection of my favorite (healthy) treats!


LOTS OF DIFFERENT MUSCLE GROUPS this month: butt, arms, & shoulders, abs, back and hips!  We ALSO hang onto the ALTERNATIVE DAILY OPTION!  If there are days when you just don’t want to do the strength exercises, we have also provided an option for a daily cardio OR daily plyometric challenge!  So take your pick!  Choose strengthening everyday, or choose another – or be strategic and mix it up!  It’s up to you!  

But always check in on the Facebook Group Page when you are done for the day – STAY ACCOUNTABLE, and HELP SUPPORT AND KEEP OTHER GROUPS MEMBERS ACCOUNTABLE TOO! And ALWAYS remember – while it appears to be physical, most of any challenge (in life) is a mental exercise!  The toughest of the tough find new ways to ward off distractions (like the voice in our head telling us to quit).  BE BIGGER THAN THE EVIL VOICE TELLING YOU TO QUIT!  At the end of the month, THAT could be your biggest WIN!  Mastering THAT alone this month will tell you a lot about other things you can do in life.

Take a look at some of the SUCCESS STORIES from some of the awesome people who have participated in The Monthly Fit Challenge!

A GREAT SUPPORT TEAM:  If you want to join us and haven’t yet, please ask to join the Facebook Challenge Group HERE.  This is where you will get the MOST out of your experience!  The Facebook group is a GREAT way to get fantastic support from people as you complete your daily exercise set.  The group holds each person accountable, and includes people from all over the world, every age group, background and fitness level! And remember, it’s not a competition with anyone except for your own self!

October Halloween Haunted Challenge Exercise Overview


Fire Hydrants

Hip Extensions


Back Extensions

Rope Climbers

Side Plank with Push-ups (Alternating Side Planks)


PLEASE NOTE:  Take a careful look at the calendar.  Note that when an exercise says ‘e’ next to it, it means to say we are doing that exercise on EACH SIDE.  

READ THIS for a brief overview of how exercises are selected, as well as The Challenge Objectives.

Feel free to download the calendar to your phone for easy access 

or…Download as a PDF to print out HERE



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