Be Aware of Products with Carrageenan

I have been sharing info about carrageenan since I became informed by my cousin Marni, and then subsequently, I began reading about it though various Harvard studies, and found out that I wanted to avoid this ingredient.  The sad thing about it – it is used in so many products we love to enjoy in this country!  Here’s a post from RawganicVegan on Facebook, that is informative – so I thought I should share – and I added a bit of detail to help illustrate.  My cousin Marni originally shared this on the Ali n Marn Living site when we did our first Clean Eating Challenge.

One added note: Since you will find that many producers of non-dairy milks are using carrageenan as a thickener, I personally recommend Whole Food 365 Brand Unsweetened Almond Milk.  It has no carrageenan, and it tastes, well, like milk!

via RawganicVegan:

CARRAGEENAN: Used in SO many “healthy” looking foods, especially nut milks that come in a box!

Carrageenan is in lots of foods. A while back I posted about it in relation to Irish Moss because MANY raw foods, particularly desserts like pies and ice creams, and thick sauces rely on Irish Moss as a thickening agent.  By the way, carrageenan (extracted from Irish Moss) is also very popular in powdered protein.  I have found 2 brands of protein powder that do not use carrageenan, however, Arbonne Vegan Protein Powder is my favorite tasting.

Also, carrageenan is linked to gastrointestinal inflammation, lesions, and colon cancer.

Here’s an interesting article from The Cornucopia Institute on carrageenan risks.

Here’s a GREAT list from Cornucopia for you to see which products are free of carrageenan. OF COURSE…whole foods that DON’T come in a box or a bag or a package of any kind are my number one recommendation. But I know many people rely on store bought items for convenience from time to time, so at least make it a better choice if you can!


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