Review: REI Multi-Nation Travel Adapter Plug

Just a small review of a great travel product: the Multi-Nation Travel Adapter from REI.


In a word – FABULOUS! For years I have traveled abroad, every time buying the huge box with a different adaptor depending on the country I am visiting (and when I need it again I don’t know where I put it, and I need to buy another). It’s heavy, it’s clunky. It’s always a guessing game which adaptor to use for the country I am visiting, and sometimes I get there, and it just doesn’t work.  And in this day and age of consumer electronics, I need it to work!  It used to be just a hair dryer, but now there are so many things to charge!  The traditional box is usually so heavy it just won’t stay in the wall, and if it does, certainly it doesn’t when I plug something into it!

So before our most recent trip, my husband found a great little adaptor cube at REI. It’s light, it takes up very little space, and it has built-in power adaptors for the UK, Europe, US and Australia that easily pop out. It also has a USB connection. When he brought them home – one for each of us – I was skeptical.

But I am here to say – I will never have to buy another pricey and clunky box again with a bunch of adaptor parts to lug around the world. This worked like a gem, stayed in the wall (in 3 countries and 4 hotel rooms), and charged everything perfectly – phones, iPads, cameras (I didn’t bring a hair dryer on this trip, and I’ll get to that in a future blog).

Excellent product REI! Worth every penny of the $30.00 each.  You can buy it HERE.

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