Rome Restaurant: Edy Ristorante


Edy is a small, family-run trattoria-type restaurant located on the small Vicolo del Babuino ‘alley’ between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna.  On either side of the alley are the high-end Via Babuino, with antiques and designer stores, and the Via Margutta, a Roman street known for its artists and galleries.

I love to send friends and family to Edy, because the food is very good – if you want homemade pasta, you can’t go wrong – and the atmosphere is relaxing, especially on a warm, Roman evening.  There are some tables outside – but you do need to make sure you have a reservation or they are hard to get at certain hours.  You will find both Roman locals and visitors staying in this elegant district dining here.  One word of caution – it is always possible that you will have a smoker sitting next to you.  While Rome has certainly come a ‘long way baby’ since the 80s (when it seemed as though 99% of the population were smokers), often those who smoke at the table next to you, are the ones who don’t really care if they blow the smoke in your direction.

Follow your meal with a great walk around Via Margutta and over to the Piazza di Spagna area.

Edy is absolutely a worthwhile place to eat when in Rome if you want good food, good Italian wine, and a relaxing evening.

(photos to come after May 2014)

~ Ali

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