Rome Restaurant: Salumeria e Ristorante Roscioli


Roscioli.  Now this place is a food experience.  All of can say is that if you are a foodie, and if you love wine, you really need to make a reservation for dinner at this place, located in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome.  When you walk into this small location – once you find it – you are surrounded by walls of shelves stacked with the world’s finest of wines, balsamic, olive oils, and all of the raw ingredients required to make the little masterpieces served at this place (even typing it in English seems wrong), and some of the finest cheese and meat product Italy had to offer.  The bread, too!  Absolutely insane the pure smells and flavors.  Of course, everything is ‘fatto a mano’ and as fresh and pure as can be.


Of course, I found it because a Roman native told me about it.  This is not for the night you are craving a pasta dinner.  This is for a totally one of a kind experience in true food.  I went with a former expediter in one of Michael Mina’s San Francisco restaurants – someone who gets food.  He was blown away.

A bit pricey, but a one of a kind experience and well worth it.  Jewish Ghetto neighborhood.  Plan to savor, and get some good walking in during the day.  Don’t eat a big lunch either!



~ Ali

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