Rush to Find a NEW Giants Jersey; and Hey, WOMEN LOVE FOOTBALL TOO!

I thought I should share the interesting journey I had this Saturday – while I was in New York City for one day.  I flew in from California to attend the wedding of an old friend.  On my one free day in the city I miss and love, I had one thing I absolutely HAD to accomplish!  I mean, next weekend I am going to Canton for the first time!  I’m going with Mom to see Strahan get enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame! I just don’t think it makes sense to wear a an 88 or a 91 to the event when Hakeem and Justin – respect to both of them as I am still a big fan – aren’t even wearing blue these days!  


Why I didn’t have a 92 already – I honestly have no idea.  He’ll always motivate, inspire, and make me reach for the top.  He is the reason I am going to the Hall of Fame – I always said, ‘When Strahan gets in, THAT is when I am going!’  But I don’t have a 92.  I looked online a few weeks ago – but the one official 92 jersey I could find was a bit on the pricey side, so I thought – I’ll find myself a new Giants jersey when I get to New York for the wedding.

Surely they would have a new Giants jersey for me to choose at Modells below Mom and Dad’s building on the Upper West Side!  So I started the day on Saturday dragging Michael into Modells, and of course… they had NO GIANTS GEAR AT ALL!

The woman told me it was too early (seriously?  I can find Niners gear any time of year out here – but I don’t want Niners gear… I am a lifer Giants fan), and so she directed me to the bigger Modells near Time Square.  Hmmm.  I had to somehow get us down to Times Square, and it had to be by foot.  There was no chance of me stepping into a taxi when I could walk.  But Michael (Niners fan) wouldn’t want to do this, so I kept it to myself, and went about the day, all along edging us closer to Time Square – a nice walk across the park, down 5th Avenue for some shopping, and before anyone realized, we would be nearing Times Square.

CHAOS!  Walking 3 blocks in Times Square is insanity – frankly, I don’t think I have ever seen it so bad in all my life.  Corner to corner people – worse than a cattle call!  Worse than the Trevi Fountain in Rome in July packed with American tourists!  Frustrated is not quite strong enough of a word for me to use for Michael during this tour across this zoo!  But we finally made it to Modells on 42nd St, and there they were… standing out for every New Yorker to see!  Russell Wilson and Tony Romo jerseys!!!????  Patriots jerseys???  Seriously????  Okay, they had Eli, Cruz and 2014 1st rounder, Odell Bekham, in men’s only sizes (enormous on me) but I am not going to buy the $100 jersey of a guy who hasn’t played in a single snap, not to mention stepped foot on the practice field.  As far as Cruz – again, no disrespect at all – I love the guy and hope he kills it this season – but EVERYONE has a Cruz jersey!  Every new fan, fly-by-night fan, fair-weather fan… everyone!  So a huge-sized Cruz jersey wasn’t what I wanted to wear to the Hall of Fame Game and Enshrinement.  I almost bought he Eli jersey.  Why would I not wear #10 with the utmost pride?  I have ridiculous respect for Eli – and he has taught me more than you will ever understand…  But there was just something about the big, huge jersey that was swimming on me, that just didn’t make sense.  In my head I have this BIG thing about the Offensive Line PROTECTING Eli right now (I want a 67), and the Defensive Backs, and Beason if he can get back on the field soon.  Where are those jerseys?  I have my Antrel jersey, but it’s away colors.  I need to wear Giants BLUE to the Hall of Fame!

Why such a minor selection?  Why only men’s sizes?  I am here to say – women like football!  In fact WOMEN LOVE FOOTBALL!  WOMEN KNOW FOOTBALL!  This website was originally named after the fact that WOMEN LOVE THEIR FOOTBALL (TOO)!

So one of the guys in the store said, maybe you can try the Nike Store off 5th Ave and 57th St.  (Why did I not think of this earlier???)  So I figured, if I could circumvent Times Square and shoot us up 5th Avenue again, I would get Michael there without too much commentary from the peanut gallery…

Nike Store…  seriously?  Same thing.  Men’s Large-sized Manning and Cruz only (and frankly, a horrible staff that had no interest in helping – it took me 4 attempts to get them to bring me the right sneakers to try on and, of course, no Giants jersey)!

I was befuddled.  I am not wearing a long-sleeve Giants t-shirt to an enshrinement in August in Canton!  And I could wear an old LT jersey – but, something just didn’t seem right.  This is Strahan’s enshrinement.  I was running out of options.  Why in the world can I not find a good selection of Giants jerseys – and jerseys for women – in New York City of all places (by the way, I didn’t see a single Jets jerseys at all – not one)???

So we finally got hone to the Upper West Side apartment, and I decided I had to just take matters into my own hands.  I bit the bullet.  And leaving on Friday, I bit the bullet hard.  But I will have it forever, and wear it with pride!  Today, I received this in the mail. I am NOW ready for Canton!



Of course it only came in MEN’S sizes…


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