Spice Up Your Life to Improve Much More than Digestion


I went to an acupuncturist that was recommended to me last Summer to see if I could get some added help treating a few joint and lower back pains I had developed from a lot of sitting at that time.  I was also experiencing some recent digestive challenges, and I was hoping she could help me out of that.  When I first met her, I encountered a very calm, Chinese woman, maybe in her 70s, and who also seemed to be extremely knowing, and also very strong in body and mind.

In our first meeting, she asked to see my tongue, and she felt my pulse.  Then she asked me if I was cold (apparently she already knew the answer was yes).  I do tend to run cold.  And then she asked me if I liked garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, or ginger (I’m sitting there really hoping it wasn’t my breathe).  She proceeded to recommend I add all or some of them to my daily diet, because in Chinese tradition, these are warming foods, meant to help with digestion by warming the body temperature.

Hmmm.  Well, while I enjoy all of those things, I’m not sure I would be invited home if I eat garlic and onions EVERYDAY; and while I do eat ginger and add it to things because it’s very healthy, it’s a tough one for me personally to eat every single day (honestly, I think ginger tastes a bit like soap).


But cayenne pepper?  Easy!!!

So I use it daily, and I sprinkle it on everything from protein smoothies to salads to roasted veggies and organic chicken or fish.  Honestly, if I were an ice cream eater, I’d probably add it to that too.

In additional to helping with digestion, there are a zillion benefits received from adding cayenne pepper to your daily routine:

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

As mentioned, stimulates digestive tract, plus…


Helps with detox

Relieves joint pain (also from osteoarthritis)

Supports weight loss

Boosts immune system

Anti-fungal properties

Helps clear congestion

Helps with migraines

Excellent source of Vitamin A

Aids in metabolizing food

Circulatory stimulant

Anti-bacterial properties

Helps with blood pressure (I will write more on this later, but I am living proof on this also)


And an added bonus (ladies), I do tend to run a lot warmer since I added it to my regular diet!



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