All the Jerry Reese Critics Have Come Out to Play (Again): Free Agency, Jon Beason and the Addlepate

Here we are again, in the foothills of Free Agency in the NFL.  I love this time – such strategic thinking must happen so that each team can attempt to keep the solid players, and negotiate for players to fill holes before the 2014 season. I find the media (and fans) relatively humorous during this […]

The Chips May Be Down GMEN: Find the Reasons to Hold Your Heads High in 2013

Now I am hardly saying, ‘Lets just call it a day (or a season)’ – when you’re a New York Football Giant you have got to find a way to finish strong regardless of the circumstances.  You never know what may happen. “Always proud of the Gmen although we came up short. A Giant never quits. All ABOARD!!” ~Antrel Rolle […]