Travel is Never an Excuse For NOT Eating Clean


I so often here people who are making an effort to create a clean eating lifestyle, make the excuse, “but I can’t on this day because I’m traveling”.  (I hear the same excuse for exercise routines).

The thing is – it’s really just an excuse.  If you’re going to stray and choose something that doesn’t quite fit the true food profile – own it.  Sometimes it’s going to happen.  As long as that ‘sometimes’ doesn’t become ALL the time, you’re gonna be okay!

Clean eating isn’t an event – it’s a lifestyle.  And so when you’re on the road for business, or for some other occasion, there’s no reason to let it all go.  I’ve travelled on business quite a bit over the years, as have many people around me.  So lets take a look at some tips on how you can still keep it clean while traveling, and stop the excuses:

Staying in a hotel:  Typical business travel hotel menus are not the healthiest of fare.  If the hotel doesn’t already cater to organic tastes (and most won’t), don’t be afraid to ask for modifications (remember Sally’s ordering technique in When Harry Met Sally).  I do it all the time – and some hotels have even memorized my personalized meals!

Okay, you might not always get everything organic in a typical travel hotel, but most have the ability to modify a salad, leave things off, add things on, put dressings on the side, provide olive oil and balsamic instead of whatever their house dressing might be.  They will certainly sauté some veggies in olive oil (they probably won’t have coconut oil so why bother asking).  They will almost always be willing to make you an egg white (or regular eggs) omelet using only olive oil, and ask them to add a side of avocado or tomato (or both).  Don’t be afraid to tell them you have a food allergy if that’s what it takes!

Peeled Snacks

Want a snack?  No need to invade the junk in the room bar.  While it can be challenging, most hotels (and airport terminals) have some type of option these days with unsalted nuts or organic dried fruit from a company called Peeled SnacksKnow you are likely to want a snack?  Plan ahead…


Planning ahead:  Know you’re going someplace where options will be few and far between?  Plan ahead!  Bring snacks with you in your luggage so that you have something to eat if you get hungry, and you aren’t stuck choosing something junkie because you don’t know what to do!  Bring a baggie in your luggage of organic dried prunes or cranberries with some unsalted organic walnuts or almonds (or mix ‘em all together).  Pack some crunchy chick pea snacks that are light to the luggage, and great travel-proof protein!

Energy bars can be filled with sugar and chemicals, but here are a few bar brands that are great to pack when you’re on the go.  I love the Nut Bars from Two Moms in the Raw .  This company was started by 2 women in Colorado on a “quest to find a natural path to wellness” for them, and for their families, has a number of great products made from organic and whole food ingredients.

I also happen to like Lydia’s Organics Bars.  Also with ingredients that are raw, organic, vegan, GMO and gluten free, this is an environmentally conscious company, and the bars taste good too!

My current favorite is the Perfect Bar (recently renamed from Perfect Foods Bar).  Perfect Bars are made by a family of brothers and sisters in Southern California (all gorgeous I might add), who’s Dad, Dr William ‘Bud’ Keith, was a pioneer in health and fitness.  Dr. Keith truly believed in and lived by the principles of, ‘You Are What You Eat’, and practiced and encouraged others to follow a whole food lifestyle to nourish the body.  Following in their Dad’s footsteps, the ‘kids’ have delivered his recipes for whole food supplementation to us.  My personal favorites are the Almond Butter Bar and the Cranberry Crunch.  These are so good – but one word of advise!  Perfect Bars are truly raw, and similar to a fresh squeezed juice, they need to be refrigerated and will go bad if opened and not eaten.  So bring these when you’re sure that within a few hours, you’ll be able to get them to a hotel room fridge!

Venture Out:  Of course, depending on where your journey takes you, some cities can be great fun to explore if you have a little extra time.  Before you leave on your trip, go online and check out organic restaurants or grocers in the area you will be visiting.  When I was in San Diego in December, we found the most wonderful whole foods grocer (Jimbo’s), right behind our hotel!  We were able to bring Suja Juice and Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water right back to our hotel room, AND we were also able to make 2 organic restaurant choices that everyone enjoyed!

Of course, this is not to say that you can’t treat yourself from time to time.  And that is certainly your prerogative – especially if you’re on  a special vacation.  Enjoy it when you do!  But if you’re trying to live a clean eating lifestyle, being proactive about your beauty, health and overall wellness from the inside out, these tips are ones to keep in mind when you’re away from home


2 thoughts on “Travel is Never an Excuse For NOT Eating Clean

  1. Another fab post – thanks Alison! I end up making a lot of our healthy snacks to take on the road, so it’s nice to have quality snack recommendations from someone I trust. (And even better that they are sealed and prepackaged, so we can get them through security!) I am especially psyched to know about the Chik Pz – I make my own Roasted Spiced Chick Peas, which is fun, but that product will save me a lot of time and give us some variety. 🙂

    • Awesome Missy!!! Let me know how you like some of these as you find them! 🙂

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