Upper West Side: Peacefood Cafe

When I am in New York City, I stay in the Upper West Side, so it is always such a treat for me that within a very short few blocks I can get to some of my favorite restaurants, places to workout, places to shop, and not to mention Central Park and Riverside Drive!  Lucky me!


One of those favorite places to eat is Peacefood Vegan Cafe.  I am not totally vegan, but I love vegan food and I always choose what I do eat very carefully.  And while I am a person of habit, I have to say that everything I have eaten on this menu is yummy. They serve fresh, vegan soups daily – I never eat animal dairy, so I’m very happy to say that almost all of the soups I have had here are delish, because they’re all vegetable-based.  The fact is, when I’m in New York, I could end up eating here for every meal I’m nesting and don’t have to be somewhere specific (of course, when I’m in New York, I always have  lot to do – but, needless to say, I eat here a lot).

My personal faves are the Fluffy Quinoa Salad, and the roasted or sautéed vegetable selection.  They have an warming selection of Japanese pumpkin, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, eggplant and zucchini on the roasted side, and broccoli, kale and baby bok choy on the sautéed side – and you can select however many you want as a side or even a whole dish.

My Dad is FAR from vegan – he’s a meat and potatoes… no, he’s a spaghetti and meatballs kind of a guy (like as often as possible).  He has no idea what eating vegan is all about.  But I took him to Peacefood the last time I was in NYC, and he had whatever soup was available that day, along with a Tempeh Avocado Sandwich – and he loved it!  He had no idea what he was having, but he ate the whole thing!

Peacefood has a great selection of vegan treats too if you feel like something a little sweet at the end, or to take away.  They juice some good, fresh juices too.

It’s local.  Take-out is easy.  The food is healthy and delish!  Casual, everyday, neighborhood atmosphere.  My kind of place!


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