Why Give Your Kale a Good Massage?


Kale is all the buzz these days because of its amazingly nutritious properties – it’s got protein, calcium, lots of Vitamin A, C and even iron.  But it can be challenging to some because of its coarse texture and often bitter taste – especially when trying to use it in raw salads (which is often one of the healthiest ways to eat vegetables).

So while it sounds a bit odd, it is recommended to give your kale a little rub down before using it.  Just a few minutes massaging the kale will help to significantly reduce the bitterness, and soften the texture, and in fact – it will bring out the sweetness in its flavor.

It’s very simple: take a bunch of kale into your (clean) hands in a bowl, and massage it for a few minutes.  It also helps adding a small amount of olive or coconut oil and sea salt to this process. After about 3-5 minutes, give it a taste.  It should be much lighter and sweeter to the taste.

And of course, if you have used coconut or olive oil, your kale is perfectly ready for a salad, or for adding sea salt and pepper and popping into the oven for some kale chips!

My personal favorite?  Kale and arugula, mixed with avocado, a couple tablespoons of quinoa, some raw chopped almonds/walnuts/hazelnuts, a few cherry tomatoes, julienne carrots, and cucumber.  Dress with a dressing of raw honey, apple cider vinegar, juice of lemon, olive oil, minced garlic, black pepper, and sea salt to taste.  I always add a little cayenne on top.


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